Photo credit @ Mélanie Mathieu / Photography + Films


My biggest dream has always been to own a business where I could express and accomplish myself as a professional woman. Having grown up working in a company, the numerous work hours, complications, situations out of our control, management and collaboration with others are not unknown to me.

I've always wanted to be the one in control. After having had positions in all levels of business, from simple clerk, to manager and administrator, I felt it was time to test my own wings.

Grandma Béatrice

Like many women of her time, Béatrice was an exemplary woman. She had to exert a great deal of know-how, imagination and resourcefulness to feed, clothe and care for her family. Proud of her children, she always stayed true to her values and family and always stood tall and proud! This is why I wished to honor her by naming my business "Béatrice et Chocolats".



Photo credit @ Melanie Mathieu